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Acai berry has been getting interest from a lot of dieters as the media and talk shows are discussing its weight reduction properties and other health issues. The famous dermatologist, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, on his listing of top 10 power foods, Acai berry is on the lead. Together with other health gurus, he has suggested this berry to the ?media queen? Oprah Winfrey who currently weighs 200 pounds. Aside from Oprah, the celebrated cook Rachel Ray also endorsed the product in the show.

These supplements come in a variety of forms like capsules, pills, juices, pulp, etc. Many other brands produce the Acai supplements in varied forms. Acai Burn diet is well known among the many options offered. The people who have tried the product shared their experiences through blogs and comments. According to them, the product was indeed effective.Take a look at the site here: fitness brand

Review of the Acai Burn diet:

  1. The diet mainly contains natural Acai berry extracts.
  2. Chromium polyniconate, garcinia cambogia extracts, gymnema sylvestre extracts are some of its ingredients.
  3. The diet is focused on the combination of Western scientific studies and Acai berry.
  4. The users say that just within 2-8 weeks, they already lost 15 pounds.
  5. It rejuvenates our body with new energy. With it, you can fight away lethargy and fatigue. All day, you will feel mentally alert and refreshed.
  6. The berry is known to sweep away digestive issues completely.
  7. It lessens the fat deposits and protects from more blockages. It as well acts as a great colon cleanser since it detoxifies the colon and the bowel.
  8. It takes away the toxins and protects the body from damage.
  9. It tones the body and flattens the tummy.
  10. It regulates the body’s cholesterol levels.

Things to consider when getting a free trial pack:

  1. The trial period lasts for 1 month.
  2. You can only get it if you are 18 years old or older.
  3. You only have to pay the handling charges and the shipping when you order the products. The shipping rates vary from $3-$12, depending on the shipping that you choose.
  4. You have to be certain of the dosage you plan to take.
  5. The product can only be ordered through the company’s official site.

The testimonies of the people who have used the Acai berry have been essential to its popularity. It has worked for many people and an increasing number of people have decided to try the miracle fruit of 2009, the Acai berry.